Album: Walk-thru of the bus

     Album:Walk-thru of the bus

Tours of the interior, archived. They are in reverse order, so to see the (relatively) current state of the bus interior, watch the first video.
2014/12: Interior
after building along our moving/road trip [Video, 30M] ( comments)
2011/09: Interior
after much cleaning and building [Video, 164M] ( comments)
2010/12: Interior
[Video, 36M] ( comments)
2010/05: My neighborhood
[Video, 5.8M] ( comments)
2010/05: Interior
(though I forget to mention that CinemaDave is now setup in the bus) [Video, 26.8M] ( comments)
2015/11: Interior update
(after repairs from 2015 breakin) ( comments)
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